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Benvenuti! Welcome to PassagetoItaly!

My name is Catherine and I’m American. My love affair with Italy first began in 2007 during a study abroad program through the university at which I studied.  For a month, I had the opportunity to live la dolce vita, the sweet life, in Urbino – a small Renaissance town nestled in the mountains of Le Marche region.

Through the program we traveled to Assisi, San Leo, Padova, Verona, Ravenna, Florence, Siena; and also had the chance to visit other towns like Capri, Perdifiumo (Campania), Rimini, Riccione, and Pesaro. During my stay, I also met and fell in love with a boy who lived in town, and began a long distance relationship, traveling back and forth across the Atlantic.

Balancing a life between two countries can be difficult, especially with 6,000 miles being the distance between the two. The Bel Paese has certainly changed my life, and caused me to pause and ask ‘why’ about the many things we do here in America, but that’s not to say that the life in Italy is so semplice, simple. It has also caused me to discover my family’s history, a past I fear I may not have known about if I hadn’t made my first trip. It caused me to pursuit  doppia cittadinanza, or dual citizenship. My intention for this blog was to document the process of applying for Italian citizenship, however, I think it has become more appropriate to write about all Italian things that are intriguing, interesting, or simply just mind boggling to me.

Without further ado, I will just let you simply enjoy my blog. You can also find out more about me in the post 10 Things About Me! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line either on this page, a post, or by e-mailing me at PassagetoItaly AT gmail DOT com.

Buona giornata!


  1. Ciao

    anche io sono italiano e vivo a Montreal, la passione per l’Italia e’ inesauribile.

    I have married to and Irish beautifull lady and she will have the italian citizenship by low next year.

    See below:

    Legge 5 febbraio 1992, n. 91
    Nuove norme sulla cittadinanza
    Testo come modificato dal Decreto del Presidente della Repubblica 18 aprile 1994, n. 362

    Art. 4.

    1. Lo straniero o l’apolide, del quale il padre o la madre o uno degli ascendenti in linea retta di secondo grado sono stati cittadini per nascita, diviene cittadino:

    a) se presta effettivo servizio militare per lo Stato italiano e dichiara preventivamente di voler acquistare la cittadinanza italiana;

    b) se assume pubblico impiego alle dipendenze dello Stato, anche all’estero, e dichiara di voler acquistare la cittadinanza italiana;

    c) se, al raggiungimento della maggiore età, risiede legalmente da almeno due anni nel territorio della Repubblica e dichiara, entro un anno dal raggiungimento, di voler acquistare la cittadinanza italiana.

    2. Lo straniero nato in Italia, che vi abbia risieduto legalmente senza interruzioni fino al raggiungimento della maggiore età, diviene cittadino se dichiara di voler acquistare la cittadinanza italiana entro un anno dalla suddetta data.

    Art. 5.

    1. Il coniuge, straniero o apolide, di cittadino italiano acquista la cittadinanza italiana quando risiede legalmente da almeno sei mesi nel territorio della Repubblica, ovvero dopo tre anni dalla data del matrimonio, se non vi è stato scioglimento, annullamento o cessazione degli effetti civili e se non sussiste separazione legale.

    Law of 5 February 1992, no 91
    New rules on citizenship
    Text as amended by Presidential Decree of 18 April 1994 No 362

    Article 4.

    1. An alien or stateless person, whose father or mother or one of their ancestors in the direct line of second grade were citizens by birth, became a citizen of:

    a) pays actual military service for the Italian state and prior declaration of intention to acquire Italian citizenship;

    b) if the public accepts employment with the State, even abroad, and declares its intention to acquire Italian citizenship;

    c) if, on coming of age, has resided legally for at least two years in the territory of the Republic and declare, within one year of achievement, of wanting to acquire Italian citizenship.

    2. A foreigner born in Italy, who has resided legally without interruption until the coming of age, becomes a citizen if he declares intention to acquire Italian citizenship within one year from that date.

    Article 5.

    1. The spouse, alien or stateless person, an Italian citizen acquires Italian citizenship when legal residence for at least six months in the territory of the Republic, or after three years from the date of marriage, if there is dissolution, annulment or termination of the civil effects and whether there is no legal separation.

    • Thank you for sharing this information with us! I do know that it is possible to receive Italian citizenship this way as well, but my focus is on jure sanguinis because that is the route I am applying through. If you need any help in the process I suggest you consult this site . There are a few members who are applying like your wife and they are extremely helpful if you have any questions. Best of luck to the both of you!

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