Posted by: passagetoitaly | March 25, 2010

Love Thursday: Taste Italia

Dear Readers:

For those of you who follow my blog, PassagetoItaly will soon be moving to another blog host. Sorry everyone, but I’m thinking that BlogSpot is much more user friendly. Originally the site had been set up on BlogSpot, and I wanted to try out WordPress. Since I don’t have a large following yet, it is best that I make the transition back to BlogSpot now, rather than later. I simply love the fact that BlogSpot has a widget that enables readers to see which blogs I’m following, and show the most recent updates on them. I’m also making the blog a bit fancier. This will come into effect by the end of the month.

And now our scheduled post…….


Last week after work, I ventured over to Barnes n’ Noble, my favorite bookstore, and also the only one that’s close to my home. It takes five minutes to get there by car. Every month, I try to buy the British-printed Italia magazine, but this month, it came with a 2-in-1 deal. For a total of about $16, the little package came with the Italia magazine, AND the Taste Italia magazine. With this exclusive purchase only found in Barnes n’ Noble, I saved $4. Italia usually costs $10.50 by itself, which is pretty expensive considering its not a very thick magazine, like say, Vogue.

In spite of Italia being this month’s issue, Taste Italia was the issue from February, and therefore celebrating Valentine’s Day. (Maybe I’m cheating on this week’s Love Thursday, in this respect.) The front cover boasts 56 authentic recipes, but it also advises you of In Season ingredients. Currently, the following are in season (they provided the English term along with the Italian equivalent, which I’ve italicized):

Chicory endivia
Crab granchio
Kale cavolo verde
Leek porro
Oyster ostrica
Cod merluzzo
Artichoke carciofo
Celery sedano
Cabbage cavolo
Onion cipolla
Parsnip pastinaca
Chestnut castagna
Hare lepre
Partridge pernice
Pheasant fagiano
Venison carne

It’s interesting how they translated venison as carne, which means ‘meat’. In my dictionary, it translates to carne di cervo, which would translate to ‘meat of deer’, or in real English, ‘deer meat’.

The magazine continues with In Season recipes, which I can’t wait to try. As I’ve mentioned here, I’ve been experimenting with food, and perhaps very soon, all procrastination will cease, and I will write a post about them.

As I continued scanning through the magazine, I came up this:

Heart-themed cooking accessories, of course! Click the collage to enlarge, and get a closer look. From left to right:

heart-shaped nougats, recipe found in Life is Sweet, by Hope and Greenwood, Ebury Press;

heart-shaped pasta, available at Find-Me-a-Gift;

heart Ramekin dish which can be purchased at;

a heart cutting board available at VelvetBrown;

gingham red heart oven gloves at DotComGiftShop;

Le creuset cerise stoneware deep heart-shaped dish which is available for purchase at;

and Amore heart napkin rings found at GrahamandGreen.

Perhaps it’s a little late to give Valentine’s Day gifts, however, you can experience love in the kitchen all year round! Food tastes much better when you know some love has been put into it.

Happy Love Thursday!


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