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Italy v. America: La Notte Rosa

La Notte Rosa a Rimini

Imagine walking the streets around the Adriatic Riviera, and you find everyone dressed in pink, businesses and houses decorated in pink, and the streets strewn with, well, pink. It’s La Notte Rosa. So, have you ever heard of La Notte Rosa, or been to a town that celebrate La Notte Rosa? Do you know what it is? If the answer is ‘no’, have a seat with a nice beverage, perhaps preferably hot since it’s another gloomy day here in New Jersey.

According to the official site of La Notte Rosa (yes, there’s even an official site!), it’s the New Year’s of the summer. Let me translate a bit of their site.

Tutta la costa si tinge di rosa, dal tramonto all’alba i 110 chilometri della Riviera Adriatica dell’Emilia Romagna sono un’esplosione di luci, suoni, immagini, colori, 110 chilometri di concerti, performance teatrali, reading, installazioni, convegni, mostre, spettacoli, magiche scenografie.

The entire coast is dressed in pink, from dawn till sunset. The 110 kilometers of the Adriatic Riviera of Emilia Romagna are an explosion of lights, sounds, images, colors, 110 kilometers of concerts, theatrical performances, readings, installations, conventions, exhibits, shows, magical scenes.

building donned in pink

Which towns celebrate La Notte Rosa?

Gatteo Mare
Savignano Mare
Bellaria Igea Marina
Misano Adriatico
La Reppublica di San Marino

How should the towns decorate themselves for this momentous occasion?

Ogni località interpreta il tema in modo creativo ed unico per regalare al pubblico una notte di intense emozioni, una notte in cui la Riviera diventa un grande palcoscenico dove tutti sono protagonisti del rito collettivo più originale dell’estate ma dove il protagonista principale è il divertimento sano e “la vita dolce”.

Every town interprets the theme in a creative and unique way to give the public a night of intense emotions, a night in which the Riviera becomes a big stage where all are protagonists of the most original, collective right of the summer but where the principal protagonist is healthy fun and “la dolce vita”. (Sorry I think my translation is bad, but you get the idea. It makes more sense in Italian.)

Why the color pink?

Perché rosa? Il rosa è un colore che racconta la Riviera come luogo di incontro, dell’ospitalità, della gentilezza, delle relazioni, dei sentimenti, un luogo dove ancora è forte il senso di appartenenza ad una comunità capace di accogliere.

Why pink? Pink is a color that portrays the Riviera as a place of meeting, of hospitality, of kindness, of relations, of sentiments, a place where the sense of belonging to a community capable of welcoming is still strong.


Since my visits to Italy, beginning in 2007, I’ve been to La Notte Rosa twice. The first time was in Riccione. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera that night, and was then not fully engaged with my blog. If I had been able to foresee that I’d in fact need those pictures, I would have taken my trusty camera. The second time I went was in Rimini. Out of two, Riccione was my favorite. The concerts that they hold are free, and all together, Riccione was a lot more fun.

The event occurs on July 2, 2010. For more information about La Notte Rosa, visit the official website. There is also an English page, which I’ve just discovered between going back and forth to the site. You can also view pictures, read about the preceding Notti Rosi and even view a map to get a better idea of where this event occurs. There is also a page of contact numbers to find out more about tourist information.

Have you ever been to La Notte Rosa, and if so,

in which town?

Please share your Notte Rosa experience with us in the comment section!


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