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Love Thursday: Lloyd

Thankfully, my computer is now up and running! The past week has been a nightmare, with calls to India trying to sort out the problems with my computer. At first, it was just a problem with Windows Explorer. I did some updates, as per the suggestions my computer found. Well, that did not help the situation, and further worsened when I decided to upload Windows’ service packages for Vista. My computer then no longer worked… not even in safe mode.

But, I’m happy that it’s now working, and I can now get back to my posting for anyone out there caring to stop by and read!!!

The original post I had scheduled for Monday will be featured next Monday.



Today, sadly, was the day we put our dear cat, Lloyd, to sleep. For at least a year to a year and a half, he had been suffering from feline diabetes and problems with his thyroid. A cat we had had when I was little (she died when she was 19 years old), had also suffered from diabetes, and spent most of her last days close to a water bowl. With diabetes in cats, there is an unquenchable thirst, and constant need of water. She was brought to the vet, and they offered to take care of her, giving her her insulin medications and all other treatments. But, we had decided that it would only be more stressful for her to live the rest of her days without us.

Lloyd with feet in bowl

With Lloyd, however, he changed greatly. He drank a lot of water, but with his thyroid problems, he managed to continue to eat. His tastes oddly changed. He went from a cat who would only eat his dry food, and nothing much else. Since he became ill, he ate literally everything – spaghetti, cream cheese, margarine, whipped cream. He even tried fighting the dog for his food! What seemed like overnight, he lost weight, becoming quite simply a bag of bones.

2006, before Lloyd was ill

In spite of this sad day though, I will continue to remember all of the funny things he would do. In the kitchen, you could find him with his two front paws in his bowl, dragging it to the sink. Or the day when we played with my brother’s old Batman toy, and he began panting like a dog. Lloyd also sometimes pretended to be a kangaroo, standing and balancing on his back hind legs (as shown above). Even the first day when I met him is memorable. He had been rescued by my sister from a shelter, and unfortunately came home with a bad cold. We immediately became friends. As I laid down on the floor, he walked over and curled up on my stomach, cutely blowing bubbles out of his runny nose. Ok, well maybe that doesn’t seem cute, but it was. He was not always the friendliest cat with everyone, but there certainly was a strong bond between us, and that’s what I’ll remember about him.

I had decided to stay with him as they put him to sleep. I felt it would be horrible to leave him with strangers and die alone. So I bravely stood by his side, telling him it’d be ok, until he passed away. Having him put to sleep, made me feel guilty, as though I may be taking his life away before he was truly ready. He didn’t fight, and didn’t flinch, telling me perhaps he was maybe ready to move onto his next life. When he was healthy, he would have fought, and he would have bitten. In the end, it was probably best, as it would have been worse had he died naturally.

After they pronounced that he had passed, I continued to pet him, and gave him one last kiss on his head. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring him home to bury him, as it’s supposedly illegal to do that. He will later be cremated and put in a pet cemetery they told us.

Rest in peace, little stinky man


1996 – March 18, 2010


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