Posted by: passagetoitaly | March 12, 2010

Weekly Feature: The Milanese Bureaucracy

Weekly Feature: Under the Milanese Bureaucracy

Here in the United States, health care reform is a hot topic. Currently, President Obama is trying to pass a bill to reform the present system, thereby presenting a more socialistic form of health care. It would also reinvent the way an individual would receive health insurance. However, is a socialistic health care system really the way out of our predicament? In Italy, Italians think so, and many claim the system works better than our own. I will, however, allow you to draw your own conclusions from what you are about to read.

The other day I came across a post on the blog The Shock of Old, authored by KC, an art historian. The post is entitled La Dolce Attesa, meaning “sweet wait”. The sweet wait refers to the 9 month carriage of a child. The post is helping to promote a manuscript written by an American journalist, Michellanea (as she’s known as on her blog) living in Milan. By following the link to Guernica, a magazine about art and politics, you can read an excerpt of her manuscript that she is trying to have published as a novel. In the excerpt, Michellanea describes the obstacles she encountered with the health care system in Italy. I found myself laughing, not because her ordeal was funny, but because of the ridiculousness of the people she came in contact with, and the hoops she consistently had to jump through.

After reading her story, I decided it was my duty to also help promote her manuscript, as I too hope it will be published. It is important to read as it is essential that expat women, and even men, research what their options are in their adopted country, and will not be as surprised at the difficulty of it all. This does not only pertain to Italy’s health care system, but much of the state functions. For example, look at how difficult they make just obtaining dual citizenship. Everything has to fall exactly so into place, otherwise you’re screwed on ever receiving it.

By clicking on the link above, Guernica, you too can read her excerpt. Feel free to leave a comment too at the bottom of the article, and please, as always leave a comment on my page so I can read about your thoughts on this subject.

Buon weekend!

*Note* In case you were wondering, my pc has been fixed…. sort of. At least Windows is coming up…. sort of. Well, sometimes it works, and other times I must rely on safe-mode. So, it’s sort of fixed. If I happen to suddenly disappear off the face of the blogging world, you’ll know why.



  1. Just wanted to comment that despite my experiences with health care in Italy, I do believe that socialized medicine is the best option. Some of the regional public health systems of Italy are examples of what can go wrong, but other regions have very good systems. And there are many countries that have excellent (and just) public systems.

    I think the problems with Italian health care have everything to do with some cultural issues specific to Italy, and very little to do with the fact that the regional systems are publicly funded.

  2. Thanks for your comment, KC! I’m hoping that whatever Obama devises will solve our current problems… Still waiting for the overhaul, however, and most people are a little weary here about the change. It’s mostly the fear of the unknown, of how well it will actually work.

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