Posted by: passagetoitaly | March 11, 2010

Love Thursday: Soph-E

The blog reached its 50th posting yesterday with a post on my Not-so-Guilty Pleasures. With this comes a new addition to the blog. Love Thursday! I was inspired, once again, to do Love Thursday posts by Bleeding Espresso. For months, the idea was quite appealing, but I was not quite sure whether I wanted to add it to my blog. I’ve also read it on several other blogs which I read, like The Shock of Old and My Bella Vita.  Evidently the ever contagious Love Thursday post has made its way to PassagetoItaly.

Love Thursday is being kicked off with a new addition to the family. Hold up! No, it’s not what you’re thinking, and it indirectly affects me. My sister’s husband got a new puppy. Introducing Soph-E! (pronounced SO-fee)

Not only is she absolutely adorable and oh-so-cute, but it just so happens that she has a heart-shaped mark on her nose. Can you see it? How appropriate for Love Thursday!

By the way, don’t ask why her name is spelled that way. Their other three dogs, (yes, 3!) are Smok-E; Rox-E; and Coop-R, a.k.a. Mini Cooper. And it just so happens that Mini Cooper is a miniature schnauzer!

Happy Love Thursday everyone

and welcome to the family, Soph-E!


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