Posted by: passagetoitaly | February 11, 2010

Sucker Punched

Sucker punched – I would say this is the best way to describe yesterday’s snowstorm. Since the pharmacy that I work in was not closed, I ventured into the bad weather to go to work. There were only 4 other employees that came in. Everyone else had called out. With each passing minute the weather was becoming worse, and the pharmacist was worried how she would make it through the remainder of the day until 10pm, when the store closed. Thankfully I was allowed to leave early, leaving at 5pm, and finally someone in the company called to say that the store could close at 6pm. The drive home was worse than it had been before, having to avoid downed powerlines, which other drivers just either drove over or drove under. I, however, would not do that.

Earlier in the day, a big branch of one of our trees in the front yard broke. When I finally arrived home after a 45 minute drive, which is usually 20 minutes long, half of the tree had fallen down. It nearly came down through our living room window. Power lines were dangling dangerously low in front of the house across the street. During the night, we constantly heard the eerie sound of branches snapping and falling. All night we were worried about losing power because a pine tree’s branches were laying on top of the power line to our house, and the lights continually flickered. Without touching the power line, we managed to shake some of the snow off of its branches, and tried to carefully move the hanging branches, but to no avail. Having removed the heavy snow would have to do.

As a result of the hail, sleet, rain, snow, and heavy winds, we have four trees which are falling down in our yard. The next time I make a wish, I’ll be careful what I’m wishing for. It seems I got more of a snowstorm than I bargained for.

Downed tree in front yardOur neighbor's tree, about to fall

If you look closely, you'll see the tree is pulling down our neighbor's power line

Another angle of the tree

House still intact


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