Posted by: passagetoitaly | December 4, 2009

Too Much to Do, So Little Time

Here in the States it was Thanksgiving’s Day last week. For the past couple of weeks, especially last week, it has been quite hectic hence my absence. By the way, Happy late Thanksgiving’s Day everyone. My Thanksgiving celebration consisted of three dinners – one with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, the second at home on Thanksgiving’s Day with my immediate family, and then a third one at my sister’s house. She cooked an absolutely magnificent dinner with a pork dish with a port wine reduction with figs, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts (which I had never tried before and now love), and stuffing. All this coupled with a nice Chianti made a very fine dinner indeed!

All of this cooking, not on my part, has got me into another “craving” to try cooking. My favorite magazine right now, after just reading only two of its issues, is La Cucina Italiana. You can visit their website that has over 1,000 recipes free to be viewed at Right now they have a picture of cream puffs with chocolate sauce featured on the cover. Not only do they have extraordinary recipes I am dying to experiment with on my family (they don’t mind being guinea pigs if the food is good!), but they also have information about wines. So now I am getting into learning about the different types of wines. Before my trip to Italy, I never liked red wine, but that’s probably just because I never tasted a good Italian wine. I preferred white wine. After Italy, I fell in love with red wine, and now prefer it over white. I’m sure there will be plenty of blogging in the future about my attempts at cooking.

Wish you all well, and hope you had a joyous, yet safe, Thanksgiving!


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