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10 Things About Me

ITALY 2007 - 2008 120

The Pilars at Vatican City

Guess it’s about time that I begin giving a few details about myself. Here are the 10 Things about Me.

1. My name is Catherine. (With a C is the correct way to spell this name!) My close friends and family call me Katie. When I was little I never used to like my name, and hated when people called me Catherine. However, two years ago, that changed. I met my ex, and he only called me Catherine. Except, it came out Catrine, because he could never pronounce the “th” sound. I do NOT like it when others who I don’t know well call me Katie, which is something quite new. I realized this when one day a co-worker called my cellphone. On my voicemail, it says Katie. Now she calls me Katie all the time, and I cringe every time I say it. I did specifically say that only close friends and family call me that.

2. My mom calls me Caterina, which is Catherine in Italian. This began when I told my mom about my 6th grade teacher calling me this in class. At the time, I didn’t like it. I guess I thought my teacher was making fun of me, but my mom explained it was simply because he liked my name. Nowadays, I don’t mind being called that. In Italy, I realized that not many people have been given that name. Don’t know why.

3. Believe it or not, I’m 23. Anyone who meets me thinks I am much younger than my actual age. This doesn’t bother me at all to hear. It will be beneficial later in life!

4. I graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Linguistics, and a minor in political science, which is odd because I don’t like to discuss politics.

5. Languages are definitely my passion. The obsession with learning them began in my junior year of high school when I met my idol, my German teacher, in my German class. He spoke 6 languages fluently. At the time, he was taking advanced Italian classes with his wife, who also spoke several languages. (A post will be added later about how they met. Such a lovely story!) He said that it was always easy for him to pick up languages, but it took his wife a long time to  grasp the language. But, since she studied much more in order to understand all the rules, etc., she wound up being the better speaker in the language.

6. Since my trip to Italy, I’ve fallen in love with photography. My father told me before I left that if I didn’t take any good pictures he would be really upset. Mind you, before I left, I couldn’t take a picture to save my life. Pictures taken by me always resulted in someone having a limb cut off or totally missing the main object of the photo. Ha ha! For some reason, something just clicked. Perhaps because everything is so picturesque in Italy. Let’s just say he was pleased!

ITALY 2007 - 2008 079

On top of the world in San Marino

7. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a bit obsessed with all things Italian. Blogs on Italy are the only thing I will actually take the time to read. Since my first trip, I even like good Italian red wine. Before the thought of red wine was nauseating. It all changed one night at the bar (what Italians call the cafe. Bars, as we know them, are called pub in Italian) when my friends and I decided to buy 4 bottles of wine. It sounds like a lot of wine, but there were 10 of us, and then some joined us later. That night, I drank 4 glasses of wine! It was just too good! Let’s just say, at the capacity of my Italian at the time, I had never spoken Italian so well. Or at least that’s how I felt. I don’t even remember what was discussed, but whatever it was, it was in Italian!

8. Because of said love for the country, I would love to live there. Truthfully, I think I’m a wimp to live by myself there. Originally I was going to move to Italy to be with my now ex-boyfriend. Flying back and forth for two years had taken its toll on us. The first few months apart were unbareable.

9. I absolutely love music, and could never live without it. Memories of my mom playing music in the living room in our apartment when I was little are still vivid. Anytime a song she played comes on, I think of those precious moments.

10. Speaking of music, I now listen to A LOT of Italian music. The lyrics are so much more meaningful than a lot of the American music that’s listened to these days on the radio. My mom doesn’t mind me blasting Italian music in the car. She constantly asks me what they’re saying. But, if you’re ever in the car with me, and not an Italophile like me, I will spare you and put on songs with English.

Buon giorno!


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