Posted by: passagetoitaly | November 8, 2009

For me, they’re memories

Filename: j0438755.jpgToday I’ve added more pictures to my gallery. I’m also trying to figure out different way to make my blog more attractive… so bare with me.


As I look through all these photographs, and slowly, tediously upload them onto Flikr, I cannot help but think about all the pictures I should have taken. Honestly, many pictures were taken. I have a total of 5 to 6 discs specifically for my first trip to Italy. It is sad to say that I never took a picture of the terazza (terrace) attached to our blocco (block). The little kitchen set up on the first landing was never documented. The first place where I met my now-ex (more on that later), Portico, never had its picture taken. Now Portico has somewhat changed. It is not the main attraction it had been in 2007. I never pictured the bar where everyone from school hung out, had their inclusive breakfast, and the morning sun that splayed its rays on the valley below. Bosom, another popular hang out, was also not photographed. All these pictures not taken is quite saddening for me, as I can only rely on my memories.

And hopefully I will not be losing my memory anytime soon.

Without further ado, I present to you with more of my photos from my first trip to Italy.


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