Posted by: passagetoitaly | November 6, 2009

I Tacchi

Filename: j0336363.gifThis morning, like every morning, I woke up, walked downstairs, and phoned my boyfriend. We talk every day, but now minimized to five minutes at a time. hehe Usually we use Skype and occasionally use Facebook to keep in touch. Although it always manages to be pretty expensive every month, but I could not possibly go a day without hearing his voice.

Anyway, somehow we came to the subject of i tacchi (ee tah-kee), high heels. No, we were not discussing going shoe shopping, not even close. Instead we were talking about the woman who lives up above him. He lives in a two-story building on the bottom floor in a fairly large apartment with a roommate. His neighbors that live up above him are a mother, father, and daughter. The daughter is malata, sick, as my boyfriend calls her, but not in a cruel sense. He feels sorry for her because she never gets out of the house, except to go to the market every once in awhile with her mother. She is actually mentally handicapped (oops! Am I not politically correct?!). She throws temper tantrums everyday and screams. That I can live with. It does not bother me. But her mother on the other hand….

Picture this every morning. At around 6:30 AM, the campane, the bells, of the church sound every morning. The mother wakes up at this time every morning. Fully dressed, I’m assuming, she begins walking around the house in her tacchi. (I wouldn’t imagine she’d be still in her pajamas with her tacchi on.) So every morning I am woken up, at 6:30am, to hear her marching around, commencing her day! Then my boyfriend wonders why I always want to sleep! Well, he didn’t believe me until his roommate’s (who recently moved in) girlfriend complained to my boyfriend. L’uccido (I’ll kill her!), she exclaimed. However, the other girlfriend gets the worst of her foot stomping, as she sleeps directly under the neighbors’ kitchen.

Me: Hai visto? Pure lei la sente! (You see? Even she hears her!)
Boyfriend: Si’, pero’ non la sento io e Simone non la sente. (Yes, but I don’t hear her and Simone doesn’t hear her.)
Me: Ma non hai capito. Almeno sai che non immagino le cose. (But you didn’t understand. At least you know that I’m not making things up.) Quando ci vengo, gli diro’ qualcosa. (When I come there, I’ll tell her something.

Fortunately, I only live there temporarily when I go to see him. But, what would you do or say if you were in this situation???

Another thing about us. Yes, we only speak in Italian. His English speaking abilities are quite limited, as in, anything I say I have to translate into Italian anyway. But that story is for another day.

Happy blogging and have a great day!



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