Posted by: passagetoitaly | November 5, 2009

World Nutella Day… Well, not exactly

worldnutelladay2010 I know, I know, the title is a bit deceiving, and World Nutella Day has not yet arrived. Not until February everyone! Nutella is a relatively new concept to me, introduced to me only two years ago on my first trip to Italy. It is an amazingly versatile spread that can be put just about anywhere – eaten on nice warm crepe, making it oozy; inside a cornetto (croissant); or how I’ve Americanized it, smothered on an English muffin or waffle. But those are not the only ways you can eat Nutella. To describe all the many ways to eat Nutella, it would take an entire book.

Since I am currently not in Italy, it is a bit difficult to have a true Italian breakfast. Or is it? Thankfully I have been able to purchase my little jug of heaven, and have even come up with a way to always have the most perfect cappuccino. This summer while I was at the mercato (picture an open-air market), I bought one of these contraptions:

misc 002


I would not have bought it there if it was at all possible to buy here in the States. At the supermercato (supermarket) the smallest pots cost more than 9 euros in the Urbino area. You can’t tell by the angle and by this photo, but this one is a rather large one that cost me just 10 euros at the mercato which is a steal. So what is it used for? Well, after experimenting many times with our espresso machine (in the States) and having unsatisfying schiuma (foam) results, it came time to buy one of these. The milk is heated up on the stove. Once heated, remove the pot from the stove, and place the top on it (not pictured here). The top is attached to a medal rod with a piece of mesh. Once placed on top, simply pump the rod up and down, creating that fluffy light foam the cappuccino is most famous for. Voila!

misc 005

Perfect foam everytime!

What does this have to do with Nutella? A cappuccino and Nutella go perfectly together. So I whip up a cappuccino, toast my English muffin or waffle, smother it with Nutella, and you have a perfect fix of an Italian breakfast!


Buon appetito!



  1. What a lovely cappuccino you have there 🙂 And woohoo for Nutellaaaaaa!

    • Thank you! 🙂 After too many struggles with my espresso machine here, I had to resort to this, and thank goodness I bought one. Thank you also for visiting my blog!

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