Posted by: passagetoitaly | October 12, 2009

Risposta da Carrara… Response from Carrara!

After having waited more than a month for a response from Carrara, I was about to give up all hope and write to the comune again. While I was in Italy, my boyfriend was kind enough to contact a person who worked for the comune at another one of their offices. The kind sir gave us information about how to proceed with making my request, and I would have to sign a paper, allowing my boyfriend to be contacted by them or receive any documents they could send.

When I returned home, I began filling out the papers for my request. However, that same weekend, I received a little package from what I did not realize was from Carrara until I opened it. The stamp of the post office had not come out well. The first page was my original letter to them, marked with a red arrow stamp, indicating the return address. Hmm, had they simply just returned my letter? The next page was an extract of the marriage certificate of my great great grandmother’s parents. The two following pages were birth dates and the marriage date of my great great grandparents. There were also photocopies of the original documents for my great great great grandfathers’ birth certificates, a copy of a marriage certificate, and the documents even included more names of parents.

Here is the information I received:

Giuseppe Pietro Carlo Ratti (great great grandfather)
father: Andrea Giovanni Ratti, mother: Chiara Ferrarini (great great great grandparents)
was born: November 17, 1868 in Carrara

He united himself in matrimony in Carrara, on April 7, 1890 with LATTANZI, GILDA born June 18, 1869 in Carrara.

Maria Gilda Elvira Lattanzi (great great grandmother)
Father: Giuseppe Lattanzi, Mother: Fanny Baratta (great great great grandparents)
was born: June 18, 1869 in Carrara.

Lattanzi, Giuseppe and Baratta, Fanny (great great great grandparents)
Married on June 12, 1869

Fathers of Giuseppe and Fanny mentioned:
Giuseppe of Antonio Lattanzi, and Fanny of Carlo Baratta (great great great great grandparents)

Ratti, Andrea (great great great grandfather)
born February 12, 1845
son of Carlo (great great great great grandfather) of Carmelo Ratti (great great great great great grandfather), and of Maria (great great great great grandmother) of Domenico Andriani (great great great great great grandfather)

Lattanzi, Domenico Giuseppe (great great great grandfather)
born October 25, 1846 to Antonio (great great great great grandfather) son of Michele Lattanzi (great great great great great grandfather), and to Felicita’ (great great great great grandmother) daughter of Giuseppe del Lianio/ Bianco (? great great great great great grandfather, last name is slightly illegible)


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