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Allora… sono carrarese! So I’m Carrarese!

As previously posted, I was fortunate to discover “my hometown”, my comune, as being that of Carrara, a town nestled in the Apuan Alps in the Northern part of the Tuscan region. It is situated rather close to the famous towns of Lucca (Tuscany) and La Spezia (the Liguerian region). It is exciting to hear about where my family is from, although, it was a little disappointing that they were not of one the more famous and known towns or cities in Italy. italy-tuscany-v001_72050

With that aside, one of my first tasks in my quest to formally recognize my Italian citizenship was to write a letter to the comune, politely asking them to do a search for the documents I so desperately needed. Here is their website:

http://www.comune. .

It was a bit difficult to locate the correct office I could write to for my request. By navigating the page several times, I decided that the office for the Archives would be my best bet.

Here is what I wrote so you can get a gist of how to proceed with making a request for such documents:

Gentile Signore/ Signora,

Mi chiamo Catherine e sono degli Stati Uniti. Sto faccendo una ricerca dei miei antenati e ho bisogno dell’informazione dai registri. I miei antenati erano del vostro comune. Se fosse possibile, potreste spedirmi l’estratto dell’atto di nascita o battetismo? Qui sotto c’e’ l’informazione che ho che vi potrebbe aiutare.

Cognome e Nome: Ratti, Giuseppe
Data di nascita: circa aprile 1868
Luogo di nascita: Carrara

Cognome e nome del padre: Ratti, Andrea
Data di nascita: circa maggio 1845
Nome della madre: Ciarina (o potrebbe essere Chiarina o Clara)

Cognome (prima di sposarsi) e nome della moglie: Lattanzi, Gilda
Data del matrimonio: 1890
Luogo del matrimonio: Carrara? Si sono sposati sicuramente in Italia.
Data della morte: non conosciuto, pero’ e’ morta negli Stati Uniti
Data dell’emigrazione: 31 luglio 1893

Sarei felice se poteste darmi pure i nomi e le date di nascita dei fratelli e delle sorelle di Giuseppe e Gilda, i nomi e le date di nascita dei genitori di Gilda, e le date del matrimonio dei genitori di Giuseppe e Gilda. Se aveste l’informazione o conoscete i parenti della famiglia, potreste spedire una copia di questa lettura a loro? Se non aveste i registri corrispondenti, potreste dare l’indirizzo dell’archivio in cui i registri possono essere trovati? Vi prego di farmi sapere il costo del vostro aiuto e come posso pagare.

Vi ringrazio tanto per il vostro aiuto.

Distinti saluti,


Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Catherine and I am from the United States. I am doing a research about my ancestors and I need some information from your registries. My ancestors were from your comune. If it is possible, could you send me a summarization of birth or baptism? Here is some information that I have that could help you.

Last and first name: Ratti, Giuseppe
Birth date: Around April 1868
Place of birth: Carrara

Last and first name of father: Ratti, Andrea
Birth date: Around May 1845
Name of mother: Ciarina (or it could be Chiarina or Clara)

Last name (before marriage) and first name of wife: Lattanzi, Gilda
Date of marriage: 1890
Place of Marriage: Carrara? They surely married in Italy.
Date of death: Not known, but he died in the US
Date of emigration: July 31, 1893

I would be happy if you could also give me the names and birth dates of brothers and sisters of Giuseppe and Gilda, the names and birth dates of their parents, and the date of marriage of Giuseppe and Gilda’s parents. If you have information or know any relatives of the family, could you please send a copy of this letter to them? If you do no have the corresponding registries, could you give me the address of the archives in which they can be found? I also ask that you let me know of the cost of your help and how I can pay.

I thank you very much for your help.

Distinct salutations.



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