Posted by: passagetoitaly | October 8, 2009

Newark’s Italian Consulate Update!

The Newark Vice Consulate has finally updated their website! Those who are applying for citizenship must now make an appointment. Before only applicants under jure matrimoni (by marriage) had to make an appointment. The change happened a few months ago, but Newark is a bit slow to update.

If you are applying through the Newark consulate, and need more information, please visit:

Unfortunately, you must still call with a credit card ready to make a phone call. For quite some time they had a page ‘Under Construction’, which will later allow you to schedule online.

On the site, you can also find a list of required documents if you look under the section labelled “Consular Services”. After clicking on that link, click on “Citizenship”. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, and I will help you the best I can. If there are anymore changes to the process, I will let you know.



  1. Hi, I just went on the newark site and tried to make an appointment but it appears dates are available (in green as the site states) for all services except for citizenship. It shows two weeks at a time in red where appointments cannot be made but for all else, the dates are not in green nor yellow. each time i email the consulate, they tell me to check back every day. are they still working on the site or are there in fact no appointment dates for the next 3 years??

    • Hi Franco! My blog has been moved to blogspot. There is much more information on that site, however, I don’t have the most current wait time for the consulate. That is correct that there is nothing on the site for making an appointment for applying for recognition of citizenship (last I’ve checked). I made an appointment in September 2010, and the appointment was not until August 2011. So almost a year wait time. Prior to September 2010, I called to check the wait time, as originally I was going to apply in Italy. I think I may have called mid-summer and the wait time was early spring appointments. The wait time had considerably lengthen when I called to make a appointment in September. It is very possible that the wait time has become longer, as so many people are applying.

      Also you should take into consideration that there are lots of talks of the Italy failing, due to its poor economic state. With that said, there will probably be many cuts in spending, and I have a feeling they would probably close down Newark, as there is NYC close by, as well as philadelphia. I would continue to call as they have advised you to do so. I’m not aware of their staffing situation. That could be a part of the reason why they’re not able to give an answer. It is also a small office, so maybe someone is currently on vacation? When it’s possible, make the your appointment as soon as possible so at least you’re in before any possible budget cuts are made.

    • Oh and my other blog is

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