Posted by: passagetoitaly | May 14, 2009

Joy to Dampened Dreams

Passo di Furlo, a water passage close to Urbino

As many of you might have guessed, on my study abroad the summer of 2007, I became involved in a long-distance love affair, who is originally from Puglia. It had been the best summer ever. He was extremely kind to my friends and I – he brought me to the food store, where most of the locals shopped; we were brought to the beach; he took me to a nearby town, Il Passo di Furlo to enjoy the beautiful sights and gelato; we were also taken to Rimini for the typical night summertime passegiata; and I was even taken to my very first concert ever. It was the first time I actually liked Ricky Martin! Just going away for a few days with my school and taking excursions with my friends during the weekends, was difficult. Already I didn’t want to be apart from him.

Ricky Martin at the MTV Live! Concert

Us taking a moment for a photo at the concert

I’d say that the first quarter of the relationship was the easiest. Like any relationship, whether you are close or far from that person, everything is absolutely perfect. I went to visit him that same year in December, right after Christmas, and we were able to spend New Year’s together. We ventured out into the cold to celebrate in Rimini.

The countdown to “The year that will come”
Baring the cold in Rimini

He is such a great person, and so extremely thoughtful. Even though we weren’t able to spend Christmas together, he insisted on putting up our own little tree, and proudly displaying it in the front window inspite of its scrawniness.

We traveled to San Marino, and braved the cold there as well. The consequences for him though – a bad cold and fever afterwards. 😦 Our last trip that winter was to Rome, which was great

after dealing with the cold. Those couple of days we were there, it was in the 70s. No coats for us!

The centro in San Marino before we ventured to the top of the world

Il Colosseo, need I say more?

We have been planning to live together in Italy, however, those dreams of finding work have come to a screeching halt…. partly because of the ‘red tape’ of issuing visas to non-EU citizens which already existed, but the restrictions have been made further due to the current economic/employment situations. In these next few days I will be dealing with Italian bureaucracy as I apply to the University of Urbino. Stayed tuned for details and how to go about the tedious process.


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